Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Land clearing is the process of removing any obstacles on your land that can impede new construction work or compromise the land in the long term. It is vital to smooth the land and ensure stability and cleanliness for new projects to be as safe and long standing as possible. This process includes clearing obstructions such as brush, trees, stumps, and boulders, using varying techniques. 

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Aside from these we also deal with any previous building demolition waste, to ensure that your land is cleared and ready for your project. Reasons for clearing also include for agricultural purposes and road building.


Land clearing is the first step to prepare your land for building. It is necessary to ensure that the land is cleared of faults and that the foundations will be safe and stable. Initially, any loose debris will be removed including dead trees, and garbage followed by the removal of larger obstructions such as tree removal, stump removal and tree cutting services.

We will also be looking for other hindrances such as aspects to the land that could cause difficulties for example the potential of the soil raising, or a cause for future complications. Without this process your new buildings may not be successfully time enduring.


Land clearing can be excellent practice for agricultural land. There are many benefits, including the cultivation of good nutrient levels in the soil, making it fertile enough to grow healthy crops. This happens because during the process of land clearing the levels of mulch covering the topsoil increase, providing supplementary nutrients, and preventing soil erosion and weed growth.

Alongside this, these nutrients can benefit livestock living off it by providing more nourishing nutrition. Land clearing also makes harvesting certain crops easier and will promote new growth when cultivating produce. This is a highly recommended service for farmers and harvesters.

Road Construction

When building safe and functional roads that will have longevity, it is important for land clearing take place. Clearing any obstacles will ensure that the road is smooth and stable and will ensure that premature deterioration and surface cracks do not occur.

The risks of building roads on uncleared land is very serious and if the road does decay road users could suffer serious accidents. By ensuring that the ground is flat and clear prior to any laying of road materials, the drying of building products will be as successful as possible.


As experts in land clearing and brush clearing, we are committed to providing a thorough and exacting service. This first step will set up your project for success. Our experienced staff will ensure that your land is well-prepared and completely safe for your next move.

The essential nature of this work is held with great responsibility by us so please be assured that your safety is our utmost priority. Often this work requires larger scale services and our experience and dedication should allow you to rest easy knowing that your land is in the best of hands.

Our Services

As your local tree service, we provide a range of services to ensure your land is at the best and safest it can be. We are here to ensure that whatever tree servicing or land clearing job needs doing, the work is of the highest standard. We provide varied services to clients, designed specifically to suit your needs. We offer more generic land and brush clearing all the way through to more specific tasks such as tree removal, tree cutting, tree cabling and tree pruning. Whatever vision you have for your land, we can help you get there!

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Tree removal is necessary when a tree has become hazardous, is dead or dying. It can also be useful when space needs to be utilised for work such as construction and home additions.

Tree removal services are highly skilled work and our arborists are extremely competent, working safely and efficiently. We take great care with our work and endeavour to minimise the impact on surrounding vegetation. Please contact us for details on tree removal cost.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Following tree removal, the stump will be left as close to the ground as possible. If required, we offer stump removal services. The most common way for this to be done is by stump grinding.

This is a process that requires specialist equipment and removes the upper part of the root ball, taking it below ground level. It does this by grinding the stump into a sawdust  substance that will break down into the soil.

Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Land clearing and brush clearing take place when land needs to be prepared for a variety of work including construction. Using specialist equipment such as mowers and grinders, it facilitates the clearance of any obstruction that could interfere with the smooth process of building.

This can include brush, trees, stumps, and boulders as well as any other item causing an issue. This process is necessary before building work happens to ensure the safety of the land itself.

24-Hour Emergency
Storm Service

24-Hour Emergency Storm Service

Occasionally trees will fall without any warning. They can block roads, damage buildings or vehicles and get in the way of the smooth running of your day. Our expert tree surgeons are available 24 hours a day to deal with these problematic acts of nature.

They will cut the tree down into manageable sections and remove the waste. No matter what time of day or night we will be there to make it easier!

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an investment into the future health of your trees. It will ensure that your trees grow to be as strong as possible, minimising risk of damage or falling.

When a tree has been trimmed it will enable us to be more certain that it will withstand weather and winds, therefore protecting you and your loved ones from any accidents. It will also keep your trees looking smart and improving their appearance!

Tree Cabling

Tree Cabling

Tree cabling is an important way to correct and assist a tree that is growing in a manner that is not sustainable. Arborists use cables and rods to provide structural support and stabilization, preventing risks of branches falling and causing damage.

 Although tree trimming and pruning is a way to prevent this sort of growth occurring while the tree is younger, if the tree is already too established, cabling is your next option.

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For more information about our services, please feel free to contact us on the service number provided here on our website. Our helpful customer service representatives will be happy to assist you with what you require and answer any questions you may have.

We are here to discuss what you need, and all services are offered with a free quote. We will arrange an appointment for you and work to ensure that your land is at its utmost safety and beauty! We also welcome you to alternatively contact us through the contact form, which you will find on our website.

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